UAQ Free Trade Zone was established by Emiri Decree No:2 1987 issued on 5.11.1987. It is located on west coast of the United Arab Emirates, some thirty miles north east of Dubai in the Emirates of Umm Al Quwain. Ahmed Bin Rashid Port is a morden port built in accordance with the international navigation regulations. It has 4 Wharves 845m wide covering an area of 400,000 sq.m. The location of Free Zone is such that all the significant sea ports and air ports are within a short distance over a sea or land therefore enabling efficient access to all parts of the world.

The Free Zone complex consists of 845m of quay wall with 400m capable of handling ocean going vessels and 335000m2 of land reserved for Light Industrial Developments. Standard services of water, electricity, communications, labour accommodation together with bonded storage are all available. Also there is no import-export duties levied.

Global Linkage through network of sea ports, airports and road network. One site facilities include staf accommodation, shoping, leisure and entertainment facilities. Stratigicaly located within United Arab Emirates which itself is enjoys the status of being the commercial and re-export hub for the region apart from Africa and Asia.

UAQ Free Trade Zone is a Free Zone of the future where the synergy of location advantages, technology and invester friendly approach ensures a safe, secure, trouble free and prosperous business enviroment for progressive enterprises.


UAQ Free Zone, UAQ, (U.A.E.)

Proposed activity:

Manufacturing/Trading/Service activities can be carried out

License available:

Industrial/Commercial trading/General trading & Service license can be obtained

Types of entities:

FZE (single shareholder), FZC (2-5 shareholders) & Branch office


Can be Individuals or Corporate entity


Individuals only (Minimum one. Shareholder can also be Director)

Share capital:

AED 300,000/- in case of FZE/FZC & AED Nil/- in case of Branch office (Not required to be deposited in bank before or after incorporation).

Do note that shares are deemed to be issued on incorporation of the company irrespective of whether share capital is deposited in bank pre or post incorporation.


Audit report is not required to be filed with the free zone authorities.

Estimated time:

3-5 working days for incorporation & setting up company.

Another 10-15 working days for immigration card subject to security clearance & thereafter Visa may take approximately 7-10 working days on normal basis.

Doc's required:
Shareholder: Individual
  • Letter of authorisation
  • Application Form To Be Filled (License, Specimen Signature, MOA&AOA, Rental Agreement, etc)
  • Passport copies with visa page of owners/manager
  • Tourist/visit visa copy of owners/manager
  • Entry stamp page for owners/manager
  • NOC for owners/manager if holding UAE visa
  • Proof Of Address For Owners/Manager
  • 1 passport size photo with white background for owners/ manager
Shareholder: Corporate
  • Letter of authorisation
  • Application Form To Be Filled (License, Specimen Signature, MOA&AOA, Rental Agreement, etc)
  • Passport copy with visa page of manager
  • Tourist/visit visa copy of manager
  • Entry stamp page for manager
  • NOC for manager if holding UAE visa
  • Proof Of Address For Manager
  • 1 passport size photo with white background for manager
  • Following docs' of corporate entity to be attested with UAE Consulate in country of corporate entity & MOFA in UAE: COI/MOA/AOA/POA/Board resolution

Note: All shareholders (or authorized attorney in case shareholder is a corporate entity) are required to personally visit and sign in presence of licensing authority before incorporation of the company. Alternatively they can issue a POA duly attested by UAE consulate in their country of residence & thereafter attested by UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs (which may cost approx. AED 2,500/- per POA).

Other notes:

a. Document legalisation cost (in case of corporate shareholders) with UAE Ministry is not included in above cost.

b. Shareholder or directors wishing to have UAE residency visa on said company will need to revisit after issuance of license, immigration card and visa for stamping of visa on the passport and may need to stay in UAE for 5 to 7 working days as that process may take time.

c. Post box renewal is required to be done on 31st December every year.

d. Company Immigration card to be renewed every 3 years.

e. Investers to have family status UAE visa should have share capital of AED 75,000/- and in order to be eligible for Owner/Investor/Partner visa sholud have share capital of AED 60,000/-.

f. Investor visa is valid for three years whereas manager/employee visa is valid for two years.

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the details contained herein are correct and up-to-date, it does not constitute legal, tax or other professional advice. We do not accept any responsibility, legal or otherwise, for any errors or omissions.